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How to insert a hyperlink in Powerpoint slides in 2019?


PowerPoint allows you to add all kind of content to your slides which includes Text, Images, Videos, Screenshots, Bookmark, WordArt, Signature, Date & Time, Symbol, SmartArt, Chart, Table and off course one of best feature which is a hyperlink to help you jump around.

In this tutorial we’ll teach you how to insert a hyperlink in PowerPoint slides in 2019. So follow this step by step guide to learn this fantastic tip to make your PowerPoint slides look more professional in a broader way.

How to insert hyperlink in PowerPoint

Without wasting time, Let’s go ahead and click on the Insert tab on the PowerPoint ribbon and with a box in the slide, click on Hyperlink.

The first option is to choose a Hyperlink for a file on your computer which you can browse to using the center panel or we can link to a website online. Paste a link in the clip board and then at the top type the text for what you want the link to show and then press OK in the current open window panel.

You can now see the link in the slide and when you click on it will open up a link in the default web browser (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox etc for PC or (Chrome or Safari browser for a Mac computer). Using the same insert Hyperlink route this time you’ll choose place in the document from the sidebar. You can go ahead and click on one of the links on the side to jump to a specific part of the presentation and again you’ll choose (type) a title for the link to display up there and press ok.

Once it’s inserted into the PowerPoint presentation you can click on the link you created and it will help you to jump to another section of the presentation.

I am Andrew Wayne for OfficeComSetup and thank very much for joining me. I will be back again with another valuable tip for PowerPoint.

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